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Latin American Anti-racism in a 'Post-Racial' Age - LAPORA

Renata Braga

I graduated in International Relations from the University of São Paulo (2014), having studied for one year the Master's Program in Public Policy at Sciences Po Paris (2012-2013) as part of a student mobility program. I have experience in research, formulation, and management of public policies from a human rights perspective, especially related to the promotion of racial and gender equality. I also gather experiences related to youth policies. I was a fellow of scientific initiation in the project "A Historical Sociology of the Implementation of Quotas in Brazilian Public Higher Education", coordinated by Prof. Dr. Antonio Sérgio Guimarães (USP) and research assistant of Prof. Dr. Márcia Lima at CEBRAP in the project "Policies for Inclusion and Transition in the Labor Market - the case of ProUni". I participate, since 2013, in the "Race, Inequalities and Policies" study group, coordinated by Prof. Dr.

Márcia Lima (USP). During graduation, I participated in the Educar para o Mundo Extension Project for three years, in activities related to human rights and public policies for immigrants in the city of São Paulo. I participated in the first group of the International Course on Public Policies in Human Rights, offered by the Institute of Public Policy of Mercosur (IPPDH). Since 2016, I have been a consultant to the Gender and Diversity Division of the Inter-American Development Bank and I am following its cooperation in São Paulo. Among them, two should be

highlighted: "Racial Equality and Social, Economic, Political and Cultural Inclusion" established with the São Paulo Racial Equality Promotion Department; and "Financial Instruments to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Private Sector." In the context of this work, we launched the 6th edition of the "Racial and Gender Social Profile of the

500 Largest Companies in Brazil" in 2016, in partnership with Instituto Ethos.


My Publications are:

MORAIS, Ivy, BRAGA, Renata [et all], “Educar para o Mundo. Extensão em Relações Internaconais: Direitos Humanos e Imigração em São Paulo”, IDEIAS, vol. 1, no. 6, 2012, pp. 141¬162.

OTERO, Guilherme A P, FIRBIDA, Thiago , BRAGA, Renata. Extensão em Relações Internacionais: por uma nova práxis. Revista Direito & Sensibilidade, v. 01, p. 29¬40, 2011.

Last Presentations:

BRAGA, Renata, GALLI, Andreza, CHARBEL, Pedro [et all], “As Fronteiras dos Direitos Humanos: Imigração e Educação”, V Congresso Brasileiro de Extensão Universitária, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, 2011 BRAGA, Renata, CETRA, Raísa, MASTERALLO, Catarina [et all], “Educar para o Mundo,” EXTENSO - Congresso Latino Americano de Extensão Universitária, Santa Fé, Argentina, 2011 BRAGA, Renata, OTERO, Guilherme, MORAES, Ivy [et all], “Por uma Nova

Práxis: Extensão em Relações Internacionais”, Fórum de Leituras de Paulo Freire, Porto Alegre, 2010