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Latin American Anti-racism in a 'Post-Racial' Age - LAPORA

Judith Bautista

Zapotec native of San Juan Bautista Atepec, in the District of Iztlán de Juárez, state of Oaxaca. She studied Sociology at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco and her master's degree in Sociology at the Universidad Iberoamericana; Processes that left her great satisfaction because she made close friends and that is where her concern for issues such as the formation of the Mexican state, economic and social inequality and discrimination began to take shape and she developed later on, through the dialogue and beside the journey of other brothers and sisters and colleagues, in a more detail study on racism, national states and indigenous peoples. She has wrote several articles, and gave lectures, workshops and classes related to the issues of racism, the Mexican state, women and indigenous peoples. Among her writings are:

Bautista, Pérez; Judith. «Spaces to fight against racism. Women and everyday life ". In Georgina Méndez Torres, Juan López Intzín, Sylvia Marcos and Carmen Osorio Hernández (Coord.). I felt-think gender.Perspectives from the native peoples. Mexico: La Casa del Mago. Pp. 111-134. 2013.

Bautista, Pérez Judith. "Indigenous women and racism in Mexico" in Con la A, No. 11, 2012. ISSN 2254-268X.

Pérez Judith. "Racism in the Professional and Academic Development of Indigenous Women" in Here We Are, Year 5, No. 9, 11-26 pp. Mexico, IFP-CIESAS, 2008.

She held the position of President of the Directing Council of the Interdisciplinary Network of Researchers of the Indian Peoples of Mexico, A.C. (Red-Iinpim) and has participated in the Assembly of Indigenous Women of Oaxaca, which has allowed her to establish an intense communication with other indigenous thinkers who, like her, are in a constant search for questions, statements, answers, poetry, sentences or motives that make them continue to weave their lives.