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Anti-Racismo Latino-Americano numa Era Pós-Racial - LAPORA

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Fernando Urrea

28 Abril 2017

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Maura Nasly Mosquera

28 Abril 2017

Maura Nasly Mosquera is a lawyer and specialist in Project Management and International Cooperation. She has a wealth of experience in the creation, implementation and evaluation of public policy with a focus on ethnicity and gender.

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Claudia Mosquera

28 Abril 2017

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Emigdio Cuesta

28 Abril 2017

Emigdio Cuesta Pino is a graduate in Theology from the Pontifical Javeriana University based in Bogotá. Specialist in Management of the Pontifical University Bolivariana/Missionary Institute of Anthropology. He is a member of the Team of National Coordination of Afro-Colombian Pastoral Theology and of the Corporation Centre of Afro-Colombian Pastoral Theology. Between 2007 and 2008 he was delegate of the afro sector of the Executive Commission of the National Plan of Action for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.