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Latin American Anti-racism in a 'Post-Racial' Age - LAPORA


Maura Nasly Mosquera is a lawyer and specialist in Project Management and International Cooperation. She has a wealth of experience in the creation, implementation and evaluation of public policy with a focus on ethnicity and gender. She has been member of the National Follow-Up Committee of the 1257 law ‘Non-Violence against Women’; the Network of Afro-Latin American, Afro-Caribbean and the Diaspora Women; the National Women’s Network of Colombia; the Afro-Pastoral Team of Bogotá; the Group of Afro-Descendant Leaders UNICEF Regional and the Group of Expert Afro-Lawyers in the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights; the Technical Team of the Conference of Afro-Colombian Organisations; the National Coordination of the Trade with Justice Campaign - My Rights are Non-Negotiable and the Promotion Team of the Colombian National Coalition of Gender and Justice. She has also participated in the formation of national and international coalitions, alliances and platforms for afro-descendant and women’s social movements.